Directions to Pocket Camp

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Check out Pocket Camp on Google Maps!

From Seattle

Drive East on Highway 2. Shortly after the turnout to Index, WA, you'll find the Espresso Chalet on your right. Now Pocket Camp is 1/2 mile further east on your left. After the Espresso Chalet, the Highway swings left and then right again, and then you'll see a big turn-out on your right. This is your cue to slow down and get ready to hit the driveway on your left, which leads to Pocket Camp. If you're heading up for a planned event, the gate should be open. If not, Checkout how to get a key.

Spotting the driveway

The driveway can be a little tricky to spot, so here are some photos to help.

As you approach from the west on US-2

Driveway annotation.png

As you get a little closer, you'll see it in all its glory

Driveway close up.png

If you see this gate, you are in the right place!

The gate.JPG